Other Program

The Denver Basic Income Project

Implement guaranteed basic income (GBI) as a tool for lifting up low-income individuals and families. DBIP will be the first program in the U.S. and the largest randomized control study in the world to study the impact of providing GBI specifically to individuals experiencing homelessness.

ReproCollab: Colorado Collaborative for Innovations in Reproductive Health Equity

Support ReproCollab: Colorado Collaborative for Innovations in Reproductive Health Equity in pursuing innovative strategies to achieve reproductive health equity in Colorado. Engage clinicians, community organizations, grassroots community leaders, advocates, 资助者, researchers and youth to engage their expertise and influence to reimagine what is possible when diverse communities across the state determine their own reproductive health.

Subordinated Loan to Capitalize the EBA Fund

Purchase loans from DreamSpring, the only member of the Microfinance Impact Collaborative (MIC) that focuses on Colorado, and expand partnerships with Colorado-based CDFI microlenders.

Power and Resiliency

RISE Southeast provides a coordinated voice of action and advocacy for the poorest, historically neglected, and most demographically diverse community in the city of Colorado Springs.

Power and Resiliency

CFF works to build support for longer-term racial justice actions by directly freeing e people held on cash bail, while also pushing for systemic changes that would advance equity in the court and jail system, such as ending cash bail, police accountability reform, opposing racist factors in risk assessments, and other interrelated changes.

Power and Resiliency

Work to provide culturally-relevant physical and mental/behavioral community healing spaces for Native American women. Efforts include assisting women reconnect with themselves, as well as re-establish trusting relationships with other women and the community at-large, sponsorship of cultural events to mark Native American holidays and celebrations, operation of a healing garden, and engagement in arts and activism.

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